Horse Stables For Sale – Stable Prices

We have a huge range of different types of stables for sale with a variety of different options available. We are able to design and manufacture various stable layouts, please contact our sales team with your requirements on 01380 850 965.

Prices include delivery and construction within 50 miles of our workshops. Please contact us for delivery and construction charges outside of this area. 

*Regretfully, due to the current global timber situation, these prices may fluctuate by 5-10%. Please contact us for a more accurate quote on your exact requirements. 


Qty Intro   Ideal   Elite

 Pony Box

  Units Plinth   Units Plinth   Units Plinth
3.0m x 3.6m 1 £1,900 £95   £2,400 £95   £3,800 £110
  additional £1,400 £95   £1,900 £95   £3,100 £110
Loose Box                  
3.6m x 3.6m 1 £2,000 £100   £2,500 £100   £3,900 £120
  additional £1,500 £100   £2,000 £100   £3,200 £120
Hunter Box                  
4.2m x 3.6m 1   £3,000 £105   £4,400 £130
  additional   £2,500 £105   £3,700 £130
Foaling Box                  
4.8m x 3.6m 1 –    £3,500  £110   £4,900 £140
  additional   £3,000 £110   £4,200 £140
Corner Box                  
5.0m x 3.6m additional £2,100 £110   £2,900 £110   £4,300 £150
5.4m x 3.6m additional £2,300 £115   £3,100 £115   £4,500 £160
Corner Tack Room                  
5.0m x 3.6m additional £2,100 £110   £2,800 £110   £4,200 £150
5.4m x 3.6m additional £2,300 £115    £3,000 £115   £4,400 £160
Corner Hay Barn                  
5.4m x 3.6m additional £2,000 £115   £2,700 £115   £4,400 £160
7.2m x 3.6m additional £2,600 £200   £3,300 £200   £5,300 £240
Corner Hay Barn & Tack Room                  
Partition inc Tack Room door. additional £400 £40   £450 £40   £900 £50
Tack/Feed Room                  
1.8m x 3.6m additional £1,000 £85   £1,200 £85   £2,400 £90
2.4m x 3.6m additional £1,200 £90   £1,400 £90   £2,700 £100
3.6m x 3.6m additional £1,400 £100   £1,700 £100   £3,000 £120
Hay Barn                  
3.6m x 3.6m additional £1,100 £100   £1,500 £100   £3,200 £120
5.4m x 3.6m additional £1,800 £115   £2,400 £115   £4,100 £160
7.2m x 3.6m additional £2,200 £200   £3,000 £200   £5,100 £240
Covered Walkway                  
2.4m x 3.6m additional   £1,300 £90   £2,200 £100
3.0m x 3.6m additional   £1,400 £95   £2,400 £110
3.6m x 3.6m additional   £1,500 £100   £2,600 £120
Wash Area                  
3.6m x 3.6m additional   £1,500 £100   £2,400 £120
Ride Through Archway                  
3.6m x 4.8m additional    £3,200 £100   £4,200 £120

All prices available on request, please contact our office on 01380 850 965 or email

Optional Features


 american barns ukWhat is a Plinth? Our unique Plinth System, consisting of a galvanised steel plinth and a quality damp proof course, will protect the bottom of your new building. We advise against brick plinths as these become damp, move and crumble especially at the doorways. It is important to ensure the concrete is the correct size, therefore a base plan will be sent to you upon confirmation of order. Please see price lists below.



stables uk

Full height kickboards and top door lining. Top door anti-bite strips which include, steel lining to door stop, top door opening and leading edge of the top door. Bottom door anti-bite strip extending 450mm to the front. Intro and Ideal Range £300 Included with the Elite Range.



american barnsUnfortunately, in this day and age, everyone has concerns about security. We offer our hugely popular Security pack, which features a five lever mortice lock, security bolted hinges, internally enclosed trusses and a fully framed ledged and braced door backed with galvanised steel (not required for Elite Range) and mounted in its own frame. Intro and Ideal Range From £395 Included with the Elite Range.



american style barnsA cost effective method of adding additional light, Onduline’s sun reflective translucent roof sheets will assist with clipping and other intricate jobs. Please see price lists below



Stables UKSingle skin box (trapezoidal) profile sheets with a polyester paint finish for the external face and drip stop to the underside. Various colours available. Please see price lists below



onduline stablesPlanning conditions may dictate that you require coloured roofing, or you may wish to match your new building colour scheme with an existing one. Either way, we can supply Onduline high-quality roofing sheets in red, brown or green to add that finishing touch. Please see price lists below.



elite stablesAlternatively, you may prefer an attractive felt shingle roof to add a touch of originality. We will elevate the roof pitch to 22.5° degrees and add gable vents to aid ventilation to your stables. Please see price lists below.



american barn polycarbonateWe have designed a unique roof structure allowing us to incorporate polycarbonate triple wall bronze roof sheets into a felt shingle roof. What this means is you can have an attractive felt shingle roof and roof lights, something not normally available with this type of roofing material. Please see price lists below.



cedar shinglesShingles have been used for hundreds of years and have proven their durability in all kinds of climates. They can be used to create individual buildings and their rich, warm colour and texture blend beautifully in any natural environment. We will elevate the roof pitch to 22.5° degrees and add gable vents to aid ventilation to your stables. Please see price lists below.



stabling ukFitted as standard to the front of all our buildings, we also offer rear guttering giving you all-around drainage for your building. Please see price lists below.



StablesAll our towers feature fluted pillars and louvred sides. Dials can be fitted on as many sides as required. The roof and finial are moulded from a lead original in GRP composite using metal powder to simulate lead whilst reducing weight and cost. Roman or Skeleton dial designs (with optional illumination) can be specified, and the tower can also include digital bell chimes or real bronze bells. Please see price lists below.



Elite Range Stables

The option of a Dormer Gable with decorative posts will give you a unique finish to your building. Please see price lists below.



UK's best stables1.8m or 2.4m. Add a touch of extra style and protection from the weather with our extended canopy with ornate supporting posts and curved braces. Please see price lists below.



Oak detailing

Create an English Heritage appearance with our optional feature oak façade. Fascia’s, posts and curved braces shaped from English oak. Please see price lists below.



tack roomClad with hardwood faced ply or shiplap. If you choose this option we recommend additional ventilation is added as the arbour vent will be blocked off. This can be done with a rear window or top rear door. Please see price lists below.



american barn stablesAdding top stable doors to the back of your building is a superb way to increase airflow. To protect your building further we include anti-bite strips around the top door opening. Please see price lists below.



Stable Prices - Hardwood doorsSteel framed with 150mm x 38mm thick Iroko hardwood inserts set in a steel door frame. Adding top stable doors to the back of your building is a superb way to increase air flow. Please see price lists below.



wiltshire american barnSteel framed with Iroko hardwood inserts and a six blade louvre window. Adding this combination to the back of your building is a superb way to increase airflow and light for the whole year. Please see price lists below.



stablesSoftwood side hung double doors are 2400mm wide with a height of 2010mm. All doors are hung with 450mm hinges fastened with 150mm Brenton pad bolts for additional strength and held open and secured with a cabin hook. All doors extend to ground level. All ironwork is fully galvanised for protection against the elements. Please see price lists below.



uk hay barn

2300mm wide, 2205mm high steel framed with 150mm x 38mm Iroko hardwood inserts. Set in a steel door frame. All doors are hung with adjustable hinges and secured with a British Standard 5 lever mortice lock, held open and secured with a cabin hook. All frames and ironwork are fully galvanised for protection against the elements. Please see price lists below.



ukAdding louvre windows to the back of your building is a superb way to increase airflow and light to your stable. Please see price lists below.



Stable rubber matsOur premium moulded rubber stable mats have an attractive anti-slip pattern design on one side and a wide ribbed pattern on the reverse to facilitate drainage. Fitting rubber stable matting is becoming more popular as people realise the obvious benefits to horses and owners alike. Rubber matting gives great insulation of the floor and protection to your horse, which means as much as 80% less traditional bedding is needed. 1.2m x 1.8m x 17mm Please see price lists below.


Heavy density foam cushioned is a high quality dense and durable expanded EVA foam wall protection, giving ultimate protection for your horse. 1.2m x 2.3m x 15mm. Please see price lists below.



Ground Ring MatsThe ideal solution for muddy gateways.  Free draining perforated mats reduce poaching and create a stable walking surface.  Use single or cable-tie together.  Also suitable for washdown areas. 1.5m x 1.0m x 16mm Please see price lists below.



american barnThese are highly recommended for the social benefits of your horses. They are also a popular and effective way of calming anxious animals, as well as creating greater light and air movement. Created from galvanised heavy-duty steel bars and angled steel. Please see price lists below.



Stable Prices - Featheredge CladdingAvailable in softwood, British Western red cedar or Green Oak our feather edge will give you the ultimate Heritage feel. Please see price lists below.



At Jon William Stables we pride ourselves on our unique features and innovative designs. If you have an idea or a feature you would like incorporated into your build please feel free to challenge our design department

*Regretfully, due to the current global timber situation, these prices may fluctuate by 5-10%. Please contact us for a more accurate quote on your exact requirements. 

Roofing Intro Ideal Elite
Sun reflective translucent roof sheets. £35 £55 Included
Smart-Ply OSB3 lined roof per M2. £11 Included Included
Metal box profile sheets laid over 11mm Smart-Ply OSB3 lining and membrane £150 plus per M2 £17 £7 £7
Cemsix roofing £250 plus per M2. £10 £10
Coloured Onduline per M2. £7 £7 £7
Felt shingle roofing includes upgrading to 22.5-degree roof pitch per M2. £45 £45
Bronzed polycarbonate roofing to create skylights in felt shingle roofing. POA POA
Western Red Cedar shingles & shakes M2. £90 £90
Lightweight tile effect metal roofing. POA POA
Synthetic slate tiles. POA POA
Rear guttering including down pipes per meter. £15 £15 Included
Fibre Glass Clock Tower including face, re-synchroniser and weathervane. £2500 £2500
Canopy Intro Ideal Elite
Arbour including vent between front section and underside of roof vane.  £40 Included Included
2.0m Canopy with softwood 150mm decorative posts & curved braces per meter.  – £120 £140
2.6m Canopy with softwood 150mm decorative posts & curved braces per meter. £150 £185
Canopies above in Oak add £150 plus per unit.. £175 £200
Staddle Stones cut from Bath Stone each. £100 £100
Shiplap lining to 1.2m canopy per meter (with this option you will block the Arbour Vent).

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